Which of us is the key?

Your door or mine?

اي منا هو المفتاح ؟
بابك أم بابي؟


Galvin Harrison + T.N.G

A Collective Installation Project




















Galvin Harrison + T.N.G (The Next Generation) is a collective sculpture installation project. It is a community based project initiated by Galvin Harrison in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen with the objective of changing and improving the lives and futures of  local young persons who are of Middle Eastern origin. One of the underlying and problematic issues that resides within all young people that have inherited the social and stigmatic DNA of the indigenous Middle Eastern migrant is that of personal identity. Without doubt one of the primary source of conflict that resides within the individual persona is one of culture and the basic essence of understanding and belonging. The contemporary culture of the Middle East is confronted on a daily basis with a veritable negative onslaught by all manner of social media and political discourse. The vital and inspirational contribution in the form of science, language and historical achievements are lost, or in the process of being erased within the quagmire of violent rhetoric, militaristic slaughter on a grand scale and genocidal displacements of resident populations. This burden of perpetual conflict has without any doubt left its mark and psychological scars on the majority of the young generation with roots and parentage deriving from the Middle East and who attempt on a daily basis to find a foot fast form of social existence and acceptance within the parameters of an ever burgeoning and divisive parallel society. The objective is to relate the construction of individual sculptures that will form the sum of parts of a larger and cohesive installation.  It is with the hope and the  firm conviction that the forming of Galvin Harrison + T.N.G  will travel some of the required distance in instilling a fundamental sense of understanding, pride and profound self awareness in all of the participating contributors to the project.

Bhargouhti Sculpure
Mausoleum Sculpture
Mausoleum Sculpture
from the series Graveyard Scuptures
from the series Mausoleum Sculptures
from the series Mausoleum Sculptures
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The Megalopolis Project

  A Galvin Harrison  +  T.N.G.  Sculpture  Installation