while I lived, and at my death
you too would die in the
entrails of my core, in
the shadow of my tomb

بينما كنت اعيش .وفي موتي

انتم كذلك سوف تموتون

في احشاء قلبي .في ضل قبري




Galvin Harrison + T.N.G (The Next Generation) is a collective installation project. It is a community based project initiated by Galvin Harrison and located in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen with the objective of changing and improving the lives and futures of  local young men who are in the main of Middle Eastern origin. One of the underlying and problematic issues that resides within all young men that have inherited the social and stigmatic DNA of the indigenous Middle Eastern migrant is that of personal identity. It is with the hope and the  firm conviction that the forming of Galvin Harrison + T.N.G with its initial inspirational source researched and extracted from the very best that the Middle East has contributed to global contemporary society  will travel some of the required distance in instilling a fundamental sense of understanding, pride and profound self awareness in all of the participating contributors to the project.

T.N.G. SCREEN has its roots in an earlier photographic/film-indoor/outdoor  screening concept that was established and known as RENEGADE SCREEN. It was a screening concept conceived and  established by the photographer Kevin Broadbery and the artist/sculptor Galvin Harrison. It is the intention to adapt the original ambitions of this concept into the newly formed T.N.G. SCREEN with the weight of the visual agenda placed firmly within the specific sphere of social, economic and environmental issues.


T.N.G. SCREEN has long had ambitions to expand the  geographical concept of screening contemporary photography beyond the domestic borders of Denmark. After enthusiastic  negotiations spanning both the North Sea and the Atlantic we can happily report that there now exists a filial of  T.N.G. SCREEN - New York State. The inaugural screening project `Middle East Photography and Beyond´ will be shown as part of the seasons opening exhibition on September 20. 2018 at  George Waters Gallery, Elmira College, New York State.


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Stenbroen Terrasser Project (The Stonebridge Terraces) is the first project to be initiated as part of the new joint partnership between  T.N.G. + STENBROENS FORENING. The project entails the design and construction of a main headquarters tribune facility along with a further four football tribunes to supplement four mini football pitches that will be be geographically sited at separate geographic locations  in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen. The tribunes are being designed as separate distinct totemic landmarks with the specific intention of enabling a primary sporting activity to act as a catalyst, enabling positive social interaction to take place  within a   `socially stressed´ environment.

Galvin Harrison + T.N.G.  :   Sketches and Sculpture  Models for the Stenbroens Forening  `StoneBridge´  Football Tribune Project


Krakas Plads + Grøn Trekant Projekt   

a  work  in  progress

Galvin Harrison + T.N.G. have been commisioned to create a visual and practical renovation solution for Krakas Plads which is located in the Nørrebro / Østerbro district of Copenhagen. The local residents and surrounding estates of social housing have long been subjected to the criminal behaviour of local gangs. Krakas Plads represents the primary geographical location of this manner of delinquent behaviour with local residents living in a high category of social stress on a daily basis. Galvin Harrison + T.N.G. have taken on the responsibility of rectifying  this situation via a restructuring of the social architecture. The project will also involve the participation of local residents who are burdened by the present criminal gang problems which also invovles the selling of narcotic  substances from the location. In addition the project will be a springboard for the residents to act as creative sparring partners and be directly involved in the creative collaboration of the  neighborhood in seeking to regain ownership of Krakas Plads and the surrounding housing estates.


Grønne Trekant / The Green Triangle

 Galvin Harrison + T.N.G in partnership with Stenbroens Forening have been invited to design and construct an `on the roof´  football tribune project  to be located at the Beboerhus Vermundsgade, Copenhagen, Denmark. The tribune project is part of a   Stenbroen Terrasser Project (The Stonebridge Terraces) which entails the design and construction of satellite football tribune facilities to supplement mini football pitches that will be be geographically sited at  specific geographic locations  within the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen. It is with the intention of establishing  primary sporting activity to act as a catalyst enabling positive social interaction   within a   `socially stressed´ environment.

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Megalopolis Sculpture Project

 A Sculpture Installation by Galvin Harrison + T.N.G.


The Graveyard Project  by Galvin Harrison  + T.N.G. is a multi faceted sculpture installation that will comprise of 2400 sculpture elements conceived by  Galvin Harrison as a participatory social installation project. The project is purposely designed for the inclusion and active participation of students,  public institutions and private commercial concerns as part of an `organic´ construction process. Design drawings have been made with the assistance of the architect, Birgitte Katborg Laursen.


For further information on The Graveyard Project  https://www.galvin-harrison.com/