T.N.G. SCREEN - Mini Film Channel - T.N.G. FILM

`Do the one thing Apple can´t do and that is show your fingerprint´    

Tom Sachs / Contemporary artist

Brad S. Wise - `American History´

A video shot and edited by T.N.G. SCREEN photographer Brad S.Wise. for

a great San Francisco band Slowness with a superb track entitled  Slowboat

Brad S. Wise - `American History´

Jack Kerouac  /  Praise Be Man  A short homage film by

T.N.G. SCREEN Photographer + Film maker / Brad S. Wise.

Praised be man, he is existing in milk and living in lilies

And his violin music takes place in milk and creamy emptiness

Marty McCutcheon - still from "Highway Pacific"

"Highway Pacific" - Marty McCutcheon

Music by Dear Nora. Track Number Twelve

 from the album   `We'll Have a Time´
(ASCAP Solo Wanderer)